Musikgarten Music Programs

Early Childhood Music Program in Richmond, BC

Curricula Description
Family Music
18 months to 3-1/2 yrs
Parent participation required

The child and an adult companion share and grow together in the fun of singing, moving, dancing, patterning, playing rhythm instruments and explore the joy of musical expression. This class encourages spontaneity and creativity.
Maximum of 9 children with accompanying adults10 Saturdays (Sept 27 – Nov 29), 10:00 – 10:45 am
$120 for tuition
Family packet: $30 – includes a CD, booklet, and one of the items (rhythm sticks, scarf, jingles, or small bell with striker) depending on the term.
Music Makers I
4-1/2 – 6 yrs

Three sets of 10 one-hour long classes spread over the course of the year, with parents/accompanying adults joining in the last 15-minutes.Activities: six thematic units with singing, moving to music, active listening (stories, poems, music, instruments), playing rhythm and bar instruments, beginning of notation & writing.

Maximum of 6 students

10 Saturdays (Sept 27 – Nov 29), 11:00 am -12:00 noon
$150 for tuition
Family packet: $55 – includes two unit packets each containing a CD, small posters with game pieces, instrument pages, parent booklets, plus additional materials packaged in a sturdy folder.

Classes will be taking place at St. Anne – Steveston Anglican Church on 4071 Francis Road, Richmond (by No. 1 Road).

Schedule and Fees

Please email Susan for registration forms or more information.

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